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  2. Mesh and Bone Shochu (750ML)

    Mesh and Bone Shochu (750ML)

    The Producer: "This Japanese spirit distilled from barley is perfect for any vodka lover. Shochu is more popular than sake in Japan and has only half the calories of vodka. Mesh & Bone Shochu is best enjoyed on the rocks, either on its own or with soda water and fresh fruit."

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  3. Mesh and Bone Arakku (750ML)

    Mesh and Bone Arakku (750ML)

    The Producer: "Distilled in Sri Lanka from the nectar of coconut flowers and aged for 15 years in halmilla wood barrels, Mesh & Bone Arakku is the only spirit of its kind available in the United States. Arakku is reminiscent of mellow bourbon or rum and can be enjoyed on the rocks or in cocktails,…

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  4. Mesh and Bone Sotol (750ML)

    Mesh and Bone Sotol (750ML)

    …"Distilled in northern Mexico from the wild-harvested sotol plant (called desert spoon in English), a cousin to agave. The plant's complex structure gives Mesh & Bone Sotol a richer and much smoother taste than tequilas or mezcals. Enjoy sotol on the rocks or in any cocktail that calls for tequila."

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