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  2. Chateau de Laubade VSOP Bas Armagnac (750ML)

    Chateau de Laubade VSOP Bas Armagnac (750ML)

    …fruity, well-balanced Armagnac, with wood hints. The color is medium amber. The oak flavors from the aging in barrels are not overwhelming. This brandy develops gradually fragrances of vanilla, chocolate, nougat and violets. It finishes medium-long, bittersweet, and spicy; solid from top to bottom.…

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  3. Hiram Walker Kirschwasser Brandy  750ml



  4. Argonaut Brandy Speculator (750ml)

    Argonaut Brandy Speculator (750ml)

    …homage to our former master distiller, who laid down quality stocks of brandy for decades, without a specific program in mind. This blend is proof that he made a good bet. Sweet aromatics of caramel give way to a robust brandy layered with flavors of caramelized fruit, dried fig, toasted oak, and…

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  5. Neversink Apple Brandy (750ML)

    Neversink Apple Brandy (750ML)

    …fermented and twice distilled (Once in copper pot and once through a single plate engaged column). The apple brandy is aged in three types of barrels before blending: previously used brandy barrels, previously used whiskey barrels, and new charred American oak, to give it a complex, layered, and…

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