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  1. Jim Beam Distiller`s Mastepiece Whiskey (750ML)

    Jim Beam Distiller`s Mastepiece Whiskey (750ML)

    • SKU #359384

    Jim Beam® Distiller’s Masterpiece is a smooth; rich; full-bodied and mature Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey that’s barrel- finished in Terry Pedro Ximenéz (PX) sherry casks to add a dynamic to its taste that other bourbons can’t offer. It is the Jim Beam® family’s most-exclusive; highest-quality…

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  2. Jim Beam  Signature Craft Harvest Wheat 90 Proof (375ML)

    Jim Beam Signature Craft Harvest Wheat 90 Proof (375ML)

    • SKU #392328

    …wood character; with hints of earthiness. This is well-aged whiskey and it shows from the start. On the palate; hints of cherry (not unusual for Beam products) and ample; almost overpowering oak character. Even with a healthy amount of water you can’t push that wood character down; a fact which…

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  3. Jim Beam  Signature Craft Harvest Rice 90 Proof (375ML)

    Jim Beam Signature Craft Harvest Rice 90 Proof (375ML)

    • SKU #392327

    The Jim Beam Brown Rice bourbon is simply the traditional Jim Beam bourbon mashbill that’s had the rye removed and is instead using brown rice as the secondary grain. Only having a paltry 13% you wouldn’t think it would make a big difference… but it does. Jim Beam needs to make more whiskey with…

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  4. Jim Beam Bourbon (1L)

    Jim Beam Bourbon (1L)

    • SKU #36624

    "A lovely; sophisticated bourbon bouquet comprising fruity; cornmeal aromas which are followed by a red fruit scent; all underpinned by an oaky vanilla quality. Entry is reserved; gently sweet and toffee-like; the midpalate features succulent tastes of light caramel; honeywheat bread; caramel corn…

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  5. Jim Beam Single Barrel (750ML)

    Jim Beam Single Barrel (750ML)

    • SKU #385091

    A slightly oily; silky entrance with a touch of sweetness and a drying;woody finish of medium finish. Flavors include vanilla;dried apricots;oak char;honey; leather

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  6. Knob Creek Limited 2001 Edition Batch 2, Bourbon (750ML)

    Knob Creek Limited 2001 Edition Batch 2, Bourbon (750ML)

    • SKU #412685

    …create the kind of bourbon drinking experience I want every day.. . Along with the Booker’s Rye; the Knob Creek Vintage 2001 is one of the new Jim Beam bourbons I got to try while visiting the distillery recently and like the Booker’s Rye it comes from a small selection of casks. Not because there’s…

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