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Real Russian Vodka (92WE) (750ml) SKU #375645 US Flag In Stock
Real Russian Vodka ...
`This small-batch U.S. wheat vodka is handcrafted by a third-generation Russian distiller, using an heirloom family recipe. The end result is clean, with zingy citrus and pine notes, almost like a superlight gin. Brisk and well-balanced, this would work well in a wide range of cocktails...92` WE 2/13 more >
Bottle Price: $21.99 Sale Bottle: $16.99
Case Price: $263.88 Sale Case: $203.88
Slovenia Vodka (750ml) SKU #373597 SI Flag In Stock
Slovenia Vodka ...
Created by Chef Peter X. Kelly and his team to be “the culinary vodka,” the perfect vodka for pairing with exquisite dishes; for use in the creation of these dishes; and for the creation of the most dramatic cocktails by chef mixologists.Sommelier Billy Rattner: “First impression of ample aromatics… more >
Bottle Price: $37.99 Sale Bottle: $32.99
Case Price: $227.94 Sale Case: $197.94
Grey Goose Vodka (750ml) SKU #79814 FR Flag In Stock - Limited Qty
Grey Goose Vodka ...
GREY GOOSE® vodka achieves its signature smoothness and character using the finest ingredients and an unrivalled level of craftsmanship. We harness the very best from the highest quality ingredients to create The World’s Best Tasting Vodka.Makers Notes more >
Bottle Price: $38.00
Case Price: $456.00
Wodka Vodka (89WE) (1L) SKU #361439 In Stock
Wodka Vodka (89WE) ...
`Wodka` meaning Vodka in Polish`Does any spirit have a name that’s more fun to say? Overall, this rye-based vodka is pleasantly neutral, with a citrusy spark and a sweet, marshmallow-like finish. Goes down smooth...89` WE 6/12 more >
Bottle Price: $14.99
Case Price: $179.88
Smirnoff 80 Vodka (1.75L) SKU #37473 US Flag In Stock
Smirnoff 80 Vodka (1...
`The medium-full bodied Smirnoff Vodka is reminiscent of lemon, white pepper, charcoal; full, bold texture; smoky sensation is followed by a burst of rich flavor.` - Maker's notes more >
Bottle Price: $28.99
Case Price: $173.94
Vikingfjord Vodka (1.75L) SKU #143862 In Stock
Vikingfjord Vodka (1...
`Smooth and showing vanilla & spice; silky & hot with a lovely vanilla aftertaste; lush, and generous with rich flavors...91` The Tasting Panel 7/12 more >
Bottle Price: $23.99
Case Price: $143.94
Ultimat Vodka (750ml) SKU #329597 In Stock - Limited Qty
Ultimat  Vodka ...
Unlike any other ultra-premium vodka, Ultimat is a carefully crafted balance of three ingredients — wheat for smoothness, rye for complexity, and potato for richness. Ultimat is produced in Poland, long considered the birthplace of vodka. Each bottle is a meticulously designed elegant cobalt blue… more >
Bottle Price: $42.99
Case Price: $515.88
Jean Marc XO Vodka France (750ml) SKU #131558 FR Flag In Stock - Limited Qty
Jean Marc XO Vodka...
`Created by Jean-Marc Daucourt in the cognac region of France, Jean-Marc XO Vodka is a labor of passion and dedication. Over a decade ago Jean-Marc decided create a superior vodka with a delicate, fragrant aroma, smooth drinkability with no burn and a long pleasing finish...` - Maker's notes more >
Bottle Price: $62.99
Case Price: $755.88
Oligarch Private Club Russian Vodka (750ml) SKU #366105 RU Flag In Stock
Oligarch Private...
`Vodka OLIGARCH - The objective is to create a new memorable image of a premium vodka. The solution is creating a new visual identity, glass decorations combined with a noble reserved label and a unique ad-on component. The innovatively shaped bottle was made in France from cool-blue tinted glass.… more >
Bottle Price: $29.99
Case Price: $359.88
Absolut Citron Vodka (98WE) (1L) SKU #36418 In Stock
Absolut Citron Vodka...
Listed on WineEnthusiast Magazine's Top 50 Spirits List.`Features a bright, pleasantly familiar orangelemon lollipop scent and fresh, clean and brisk flavors, with most of the lemon in the finish. Balanced, with the right amount of alcohol bite. A sure classic for vodka tonics...98 Points`… more >
Bottle Price: $32.99
Case Price: $395.88
Ciroc Amaretto Vodka (1L) SKU #377631 FR Flag In Stock
Ciroc Amaretto Vodka...
more >
Bottle Price: $44.99
Case Price: $539.88
42 Below Vodka (90-95WE) (1L) SKU #324466 NZ Flag In Stock
42 Below Vodka (90...
`Superb/Highly Recommended...Smells of wet cement or damp stones in the initial minutes before the aromas shift gears, offering toasty, ash-like, smoky scents of tobacco leaf, roasted cereals, pencil eraser and vegetable oil. Palate entry shows an oily texture and tastes of charcoal and mildly… more >
Bottle Price: $14.39
Case Price: $172.68

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