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Zalto Bordeaux Glass SKU #390626 In Stock
Zalto Bordeaux Glass
`For wines full of character and high in tannins. Accentuates potency, concentration, extract and tannins. Especially for: Bordeaux, Rioja, Brunello, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, Blaufränkisch and Zweigelt` -Zalto more >
Bottle Price: $61.00
Case Price: $366.00
Solaria Jonica Antonio Ferrari 1959 (500ML) SKU #130980 IT Flag In Stock - Limited Qty
Solaria Jonica...
`...an amazingly fresh ruby color, it features a decadent nose of blackberry jam, raisins, chocolate, and licorice, a texture of sheer satin, great warmth and roundness, a sweetness which never becomes cloying, precise and focused flavors, and a finish as long as the fade-out...97.` WA 8/04. more >
Bottle Price: $240.00
Case Price: $2,880.00
Riesling Beerenauslese R.B. Rottland Carl Ehrhard 1989 (500ML) SKU #340569 DE Flag In Stock - Limited Qty
On some of the best vineyard ground in Rudesheim sits 10ha of old vines tended by Carl (jr.) and Petra Ehrhard. The winery was began 150yrs ago and since 1998 the couple has integrated traditional vineyard management with modern winemaking. This beeerenauslese was crafted by Carl's father and… more >
Bottle Price: $44.95 Sale Bottle: $33.99
Case Price: $539.40 Sale Case: $407.88
Klein Constantia Vin De Constance Natural Sweet 2008 (500ML) SKU #393499 ZA Flag In Stock
Klein Constantia Vin...
`The 2008 Vin de Constance offers a very complex bouquet with fresh pineapple, quince, Japanese yuzu, just a hint of grass clippings and then later mille fieulle. It is obviously tightly wound at the moment, but extremely well focused. The palate is medium-bodied with a fine viscous entry that… more >
Bottle Price: $64.99
Case Price: $779.88
Passito Verdicchio Sartarelli 2008 (500ML) SKU #341117 IT Flag In Stock
Passito Verdicchio...
`The 2008 Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Passito is a moderately sweet wine in this vintage, with an oxidative, sherry-like personality in its notes of coffee beans, orange peel, almonds and burnt sugar...` WA 6/11 more >
Bottle Price: $32.99
Case Price: $395.88
Coteaux du Layon Selection de Grains Nobles Delesvaux 2006 (500ML) SKU #330163 FR Flag In Stock
Coteaux du Layon...
`This intense dessert wine offers taut golden raisin, dried green plum, green tea and crystalized ginger notes that lead the way for a racy beam of dried peach, persimmon and quince flavors. A lovely spice edge on the finish adds length and leaves a mouthwatering feel. Shows remarkable precision.… more >
Bottle Price: $59.99 Sale Bottle: $49.99
Case Price: $719.88 Sale Case: $599.88
Riedel Sommelier Sauternes 400/55 SKU #39784 In Stock - Limited Qty
Riedel Sommelier...
It was first issued as a glass for dry white wine as part of Riedel’s mouth-blown HR1 collection.Ironically enough, tastings around the world have subsequently shown it to be the ideal glass for Sauternes and sweet wines. The unusual curved design accentuates the apricot aromas typical of wines… more >
Bottle Price: $75.00
Case Price: $75.00
Vouvray Cuvee Constance Huet 2005 (500ml) SKU #137127 FR Flag In Stock
Vouvray Cuvee...
`This shows jaw-dropping purity, with intensely sweet but amazingly graceful notes of dried persimmon, candied ginger, green melon, white tea, crème fraîche, mineral and Key lime custard that ripple through the nearly endless finish. An amazing display of elegance and precision...99` WS 06/08 more >
Bottle Price: $220.00
Case Price: $2,640.00
Equipo Navazos La Bota de Pedro Ximenez #36 NV (94JS) (500ml) SKU #364755 ES Flag In Stock
Equipo Navazos La...
`This is amazing. Rich with dried fruits, mace, sultans and chocolate. Full and dense. Very sweet. You should drink it by the teaspoon. Super...94` JamesSuckling.com 07/13`The Lot 36 La Bota de Pedro Ximenez comes from the old Solera of sweet PX from Bodegas Fernando de Castilla that probably… more >
Bottle Price: $95.00
Case Price: $1,140.00
Sigalas Vin Santo Greece 2004 (500ML) SKU #349993 GR Flag In Stock
Sigalas Vin Santo...
`On first attack, it is remarkably sweet and incredibly delicious (as always). It was just so delectable, it was hard to resist. I wanted to stop tasting and start drinking, but I bravely saved some to sample over the next few days. But that's not all it has and it is by no means a syrupy fruit… more >
Bottle Price: $49.95
Case Price: $599.40
Ostinato Donnachiara 2011 (500ML) SKU #383620 IT Flag In Stock - Limited Qty
Ostinato Donnachiara...
`Golden yellow, this delivers exotic dried pineapple, juicy peach, honeycomb and spice notes on a full-bodied frame. This is rich, with a firm finish of baking spices, chalk and candied grapefruit zest. Best from 2014 through 2018...93` WS 10/13 more >
Bottle Price: $27.99
Case Price: $335.88
Riedel Sommelier Bordeaux Grand Cru 4400/00 SKU #363978 In Stock - Limited Qty
Riedel Sommelier...
This glass, first created in 1959, is not a design gimmick but a precision instrument, developed to highlight the unique characteristics of the great wines of Bordeaux. The large bowl (capacity 30 oz) brings out the full depth of contemporary wines made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and… more >
Bottle Price: $99.99
Case Price: $99.99

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