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Antica Napa Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 {#387355}
Regularly  $80/Bottle
Special      $69/Bottle

This past weekend at The Westchester Magazine Wine & Food Festival I wandered into the Antinori room to taste through their entire line up of wines. Before I could get too far through the lineup Antinori family’s U.S. commercial director and brand ambassador (Niccoló Maltinti) approached me with an unmarked decanter and said, “Here…try this.”

All he would tell me was that it was from a GREAT Napa Cabernet vintage.

I am sorry to report (Being the Italian aficionado I am) I was not able to peg the vintage or wine blind….but did recognize that it was a great glass of Cabernet.

Hint: Wine Spectator vintage chart on the year (2004)

Niccoló & I after the unveiling

It’s nice when you can get a great bottle of Cabernet from Napa 10 years from production for under $100 per bottle. I was thrilled this library release was made available to us and am psyched to be able to pass the word along to our best collectors.

These stocks are coming DIRECT from the ANTICA estate and the wine is scheduled to arrive to us in a few weeks from California. This is a very unique and limited opportunity!!!

While Antica’s (ANTI-nori and CA-lifornia) single vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Townsend typically demands $50 dollars more than the Antica Cabernet Sauvignon bottling (and 95 points), what many do not realize is that for the 2004 bottling of the cuvee Cabernet Sauvignon, the fruit is primarily derived from the Townsend Vineyard. So for the 2004 for you are paying for a perfectly stored 10 year old Napa wine, from a prized vineyard at nearly half the price and only Zachys can offer this.

Would go great with a steak off the grill this Summer.

All My Best,

NYC Wine & Food Festival
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Antica Napa Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 (750ML) SKU #387355 US Flag Future Arrival
Antica Napa Cabernet...
`The Napa branch of the Antinori family has turned out a spicy, earthy, relatively restrained Cabernet Sauvignon with a healthy dark plum/ruby color and notes of underbrush, cedarwood, red and black currants, plums and a hint of licorice...` WA 04/14While Antica’s (ANTI-nori and CA-lifornia) single… more >
Bottle Price: $80.00
Case Price: $960.00
NYC Wine & Food Festival