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Our First "Best Wines You Have Never Heard Of" Sale... Incredible Deals!

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of 18 new and exciting Italian wine selections to the store. These selections were not made by the Zachys buying team…but by our ENTIRE STAFF. This past New Year’s Eve I brown bagged 50 very special wine selections that had been sent to us because they represented an array of wines that:

  • • All had high reviews
  • • All represented incredible price/quality ratio
  • • For the most part, nobody had ever heard of

The concept of “best wines you have never heard of” sprung from my meetings and interactions with a long established Italian wine critic LUCA MARONI (www.lucamaroni.com).

His approach to tasting is very refreshing, and I was anxious to see what favorites my staff would pick out with no pre-conceived notions or knowledge of what they were tasting. I was confident his philosophy of tasting and reviewing would resonate with my team. The reason being that he rates wines based on the impression the wine makes on you TODAY. No crystal ball necessary, no guessing how it will change with time….simply a balance of 3 key points in judging the
quality of a wine:

  • • Consistency
  • • Balance
  • • Integrity

What we have found is that his reviews are true to the region and true to the varietal. Luca’s reviews place emphasis on “what impression you get from the Index of Quality/Pleasantness/Fruit-grade."

Bottom Line: He is going to steer his readership towards wines that bring immediate enjoyment!!

To get people grabbing these bottles for immediate consumption at their Summer BBQs we are offering a very special discount structure. When we tell you that the scores range between 93 – 99 points, discounts will be up to 25% OFF and the average bottle price is only $27/Bottle... how can you pass this up?

Special Discount Structure
Purchase Any 6 Bottles Deduct 10%*
Purchase Any 12 Bottles Deduct 15%*
Purchase Any 24 Bottles Deduct 20%*
Purchase Any 48 Bottles Deduct 25%*

How can you go wrong with these type of deals and the seal of approval from my whole staff here at the store?

We hope you share in our excitement for these wines.

All My Best,

*Discount will be taken off of the regular bottle price of the wine. The discount applies to assortments of the Luca Maroni selections only. When calling in or e-mailing order please mention ordering from this promotion and discount will be applied. When ordering on-line please enter “LMBest” in the special instructions box and our processing team will apply the discount once the order is received.

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Aglianico Rue Dell Inchiostro Nativ 2012 (94LM) (750ML) SKU #381875 In Stock
Aglianico Rue Dell...
`Spices and pulpy blackberry softness of absolute freshness....one of the best of Campania....94.` www.lucamaroni.com 4/13 more >
Bottle Price: $19.99
Case Price: $239.88
Eremo San Quirico Aglianico Campi Taurasini Cru Nativ 2010 (99LM) (750ML) SKU #381879 In Stock
Eremo San Quirico...
“..perfume has an expressive energy… a peculiar impressive persistency…just like imagining a boulder capable of expressing itself with the sweetness and softness of a feather…also shows such an oenological cleanliness…a wine of maximum analytical and sensorial qualities…99.” www.lucamaroni.com 5/13 more >
Bottle Price: $34.99
Case Price: $419.88
Alchimia Primitivo Barbanera Duca di Saragnano 2012 (98LM) (750ML) SKU #381876 IT Flag In Stock
Alchimia Primitivo...
`Pure original fruit in pleasantness. A wine of maximum strength and concentration, yet thanks to native harmony and technique, it reveals a palate that finely enwraps. Magnificent viticultural base and exceptional oenological transformation...98 points` www.lucamaroni.com 9/13 more >
Bottle Price: $24.99
Case Price: $299.88
L`Opera Barbanera Duca di Saragnano 2012 (95LM) (750ML) SKU #381884 IT Flag Future Arrival
L`Opera Barbanera...
`Clean and fragrant perfume… nuances of spices, very clear oak balms, perfectly balanced...95.` www.lucamaroni.com 8/13 more >
Bottle Price: $19.99
Case Price: $239.88
Kaulos Rosso Terre del Gufo 2012 (96LM) (750ML) SKU #381881 IT Flag In Stock
Kaulos Rosso Terre...
“This wine recalls an Amarone enwrapped in vanilla notes and shows an oenological cleanliness that confers brightness and suaveness to such a soft and profuse expression. An exceptional consistency, a fabulous tasting softness, a cleanliness of weaving plum and pulp… one of the best red wines of the… more >
Bottle Price: $24.99
Case Price: $299.88
Primitivo Fiore di Vigna Cantine Paolo Leo 2011 (96LM) (750ml) SKU #381886 IT Flag In Stock
Primitivo Fiore di...
`Absolute undisputed champion for perfumed rivers of blackberry, candy-coated almond, scents of black, floral, creamy grapes. This wine shows a magnificently dense and pulpy expressive power and moreover great fruit. It is warmly Italian for the strength of its tannin… Amongst the best red wines of… more >
Bottle Price: $24.99
Case Price: $299.88
Irpinia Re di More Aglianico Mastroberardino 2011 (98LM) (750ML) SKU #381873 IT Flag In Stock
Irpinia Re di More...
`...exceptionally soft palate. Has tremendous softness and smoothness of the pulp of blackberry, with sweet spices of the oak to amplify the sweetness of expression...flawless...it demonstrates beautiful, clear expressive power. A wine of great texture and at the same time of rare harmony...98.`… more >
Bottle Price: $29.99
Case Price: $359.88
Radici Taurasi Riserva Mastroberardino 2007 (98LM) (750ML) SKU #381903 IT Flag In Stock
Radici Taurasi...
`...immediately awesome, radiates its unique and marvelous fragrance...thunderous wave of sweetness of fruit and spice that has the strength, the power with an effusive burst of vanilla and blackberry...A wine of consistency imaginative, harmonious softness, brilliance and clarity of… more >
Bottle Price: $44.99
Case Price: $539.88
Primitivo di Manduria Sessantanni Feudi di San Marzano 2010 (98LM) (750ml) SKU #381885 IT Flag In Stock
Primitivo di...
`This wine is soft with a suave perfume; its fruit is first of all a masterpiece of nature…blackberry and minty oak spices with a full roundness to its tannin and admirable structure and acidity...98.` www.lucamaroni.com 8/13 more >
Bottle Price: $55.00
Case Price: $660.00
Rosso Riserva del Presidente Ducato Grazioli 2011 (94LM) (750ML) SKU #379815 IT Flag In Stock
Rosso Riserva del...
`A sweet and perfect marriage between blackberry and most balsamic edges of perfectly balanced spices. The spectacular sensorial result of natural and virgin analytical value and absolutely competent oenology. It is a fabulous cream of mixed berries and vanilla: a wine of great concentration and… more >
Bottle Price: $19.99
Case Price: $239.88
Sangiovese Toscana Sir Passo Barbanera Duca di Saragnano 2012 (97LM) (750ML) SKU #381892 IT Flag In Stock
Sangiovese Toscana...
`Amongst the best Sangiovese of the year: a blackberry bomb, distinctly, confidently ripe. The varietal at its apex of pure pleasantness...97.` www.lucamaroni.com 7/13 more >
Bottle Price: $22.99
Case Price: $275.88
Sauvignon Blanc Terre di Ger 2012 (93LM) (750ML) SKU #381895 IT Flag In Stock
Sauvignon Blanc...
`The purest and most radiant Sauvignon perfume of the year. Exceptional in its cleanliness on the nose with a magnificent softness and perfect acidity and balance....93.` www.lucamaroni.com 4/13 more >
Bottle Price: $19.99
Case Price: $239.88